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World Premiere of "Triangle Logic"


"Triangle Logic" in the Orlando Sentinel

Actress Brooke M. Haney's interview with me on:

The Actor's Role in Developing New Works


Audience Members Talk About "Triangle Logic"


“Triangle Logic was amazing. I felt like I was looking into a crystal ball at times. My life has been changed.” ~Joshua Bagget, Theatre Director

"It was fascinating to recognize the fighting typical of a married couple in best friends Claire and Jack; that their parting is nothing less than a divorce.  This refreshingly honest take on complicated friendship through vibrant characterization simultaneously gives the audience the satisfaction they deserve and leaves them wanting more. “   ~Kraig Kelsey, UCF student

 "I found myself sitting on the edge of my seat constantly enthralled with the conversations and arguments that transpired...Triangle Logic left me speechless in parts, mortified in others, embarrassed and living vicariously through the characters. I am so thankful I was able be touched, moved, and heartbroken all within the span of two hours." ~Stephanie Pando, UCF student

Production photos of Triangle Logic

at The University of Central Florida, Orlando

December 11, 2009

Brooke M. Haney, Mason Criswell
Mason Criswell, Brooke M. Haney
Mason Criswell, Brooke M. Haney
Brooke M. Haney, Trent Fucci

Trent Fucci, Brooke M. Haney
Trent Fucci, Brooke M. Haney
Trent Fucci, Mason Criswell, Brooke M. Haney
Mason Criswell
Trent Fucci, Brooke M. Haney
Brooke M. Haney, Mason Criswell
Talk-back session after the show
Debbie, Trent Fucci, Brooke M. Haney, Mason Criswell, Earl Weaver