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Social Issue Plays for Teens
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Since 2009, I have been commissioned to write plays for teens that focus on important social issues.  These plays have all been produced by Pittsburg High School Theatre in Pittsburg, Kansas and are currently available for licensing.

 Everyday People
 The examination of bullying in elementary school, middle school, and high school.  Two versions.  Version 1 runs 45-50 minutes.  Version 2 runs 20 minutes.
Flexible casting.
 Teens dealing with prescription drug abuse.  Running time: 50 minutes. 3M 8F
You Belong to Me
Dating abuse among teens.  Running time: 50 minutes.  Also a 30 minute version.  Large cast, flexible 
A theatrical documentary exploring the beauty and wonder of Autism.  Version 1 running time: 50 minutes.  Version 2 running time: 30 minutes.  
18 gender-neutral cast members. 
Outside Looking In
An exploration of the social and economic diversity among teens attending the same high school. Running time: 45 minutes.  18 gender-flexible cast members.
Digital Natives
A play that examines excessive texting and addictive Internet use among teens.  Running time: 45 minutes.  22 gender-flexible cast members. 
 The experiences of teens dealing with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and self-harm. Running time: 45 minutes 22 gender-neutral characters. World premiere April 2017.  Published by Heuer Publishers.
 The Chasm Between Us
 A close examination of bias, discrimination, and hate in America. Running time: 45 minutes with 22 gender-flexible characters.  World premiere April 2018.
Invitation Only 
Grace is not the partying type, but giving into peer pressure, she decides to check out Theo's wild party. Grace thinks she's prepared for what might occur, but quickly gets swept up and seduced by the people, the music, the drugs, and the sex. Invitation Only  takes a deep, dark look into the partying culture of high school teens.  Running time: 50 minutes. 10F/9M/1 Gender-Neutral Characters.
 The Weight of the World
When 20 high-schoolers set off to school on an ordinary Wednesday, they have no idea what is about to befall them.  They find themselves trapped together in a room with no windows and no door. They are a random group of teens that have never met before.  With varying personalities, the teens find different ways to process what is happening to them. Inevitably, they work together to form a plan and find a way to escape. Running Time: 45 minutes 20 Gender-Neutral Characters

 Please contact me if you are interested in licensing any of the above scripts.