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Social Issue Plays for Teens

Since 2009, I have been commissioned to write plays for teens that focus on important social issues.  These plays have all been produced and are currently available for licensing.

Ignorance is Bliss:  A Global Warning
 A play focusing on Climate Change.  One-Act  Running time: 35-40 minutes.  Flexible casting
 Everyday People
 The examination of bullying in elementary school, middle school, and high school.  Two versions.  Version 1 runs 45-50 minutes.  Version 2 runs 20 minutes.
Flexible casting.
 Teens dealing with prescription drug abuse.  Running time: 50 minutes. 3M 8F
You Belong to Me
Dating abuse among teens.  Running time: 50 minutes.  Also a 30 minute version.  Large cast, flexible 
A theatrical documentary exploring the beauty and wonder of Autism.  Version 1 running time: 50 minutes.  Version 2 running time: 30 minutes.  
18 gender-neutral cast members. 
Outside Looking In
An exploration of the social and economic diversity among teens attending the same high school. Running time: 45 minutes.  18 gender-flexible cast members.
Digital Natives
A play that examines excessive texting and addictive Internet use among teens.  Running time: 45 minutes.  22 gender-flexible cast members. 
 Drowning in Quicksand
 The experiences of teens dealing with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and self-harm. Running time: 45 minutes 22 gender-neutral characters. World premiere April 2017.  
 The Chasm Between Us
 A close examination of bias, discrimination, and hate in America. Running time: 45 minutes with 22 gender-flexible characters.  World premiere April 2018.